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Something That Matters

Dylan Kelly



Jul 22 '14
Got my copy of Home After Three Months Away signed by Keith!

Got my copy of Home After Three Months Away signed by Keith!

Jul 17 '14

jazzmasters are trendy

Jul 14 '14
Jul 7 '14

"stage it set

script is written 

curtain closes in.

this scene ends before it begins

it just ends”

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Jul 6 '14
Jun 26 '14
billy joel @ fenway park

billy joel @ fenway park

Jun 7 '14
Jun 3 '14

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May 27 '14

"These used to be parts of the day that didn’t exist. Wordless and worn out. I’m falling over. Prop me up with moth eaten limbs. Drape me over a wilting frame. Let these bones be my cage. I’m awake when you’re asleep. You’re always sleeping."

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May 19 '14
youth funeral

youth funeral

May 18 '14
im at a bruce springsteen show rn lol

im at a bruce springsteen show rn lol

May 9 '14
Merchandise - "No You And Me"

great song

May 1 '14
lord snow - selfish sleep (Solitude)

Unfastening my head from your nowhere rattling, I refuse to acknowledge my cravings for relations. from my forward-faced fronting you’d assume I am engaged. I am not present, time is irrelevant. I absorb your static as the pulse to my reflection. I remain emotionally detached from you with no intention in establishing comfort. I resort to my passive restraint-staying standoffish. I’m spitting out reflexes. withdrawn from reality, I revel in memory. I’m spitting out reflexes. Sincerity is fleeing. No sense in new greetings.

Apr 27 '14

yo-ki asked:


it doesnt exist :(

Apr 22 '14

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